Gamecube Component Cable Review

  • June 18, 2021

A couple of years ago, we reported on a video that was posted to YouTube showing off a prototype of a Gamecube controller with a plastic casing that was constructed of aerospace components.

In it, a GameCube controller is shown using a single cable to power a wireless transmitter that’s connected to the gamecube’s wireless connection.

The controller has a standard controller layout that allows you to connect controllers to the Wii U console’s wireless network, which connects to the internet via the Wii Remote.

The controller looks like this:As you can see, the controller is connected to a Wi-Fi wireless network and is controlled by a standard Xbox 360 controller.

This controller uses the Wii’s controller input, but the Gamecube’s controller is actually controlled by its wireless transmitter.

In this prototype, you can actually see the wireless transmitter mounted on the controller’s base.

The video was uploaded by user ‘Dylan,’ who uploaded it to YouTube and claimed to be a Nintendo employee who worked at Nintendo’s manufacturing facilities.

In the video, Dylan says that his team assembled the controller for him.

Dylan then went on to say that the controller uses a composite plastic casing made out of aluminum and that the casing was made in a factory in China.

However, the video does not provide a way to test the controller on the GameCube.

Dude, you’re crazy.

I asked Dylan what he was doing to get the controller to work.

He replied that it’s because of his team’s manufacturing and the fact that he is a Nintendo engineer.

We’ll let Dylan explain the difference between a “proprietary” controller and an “unreleased” controller in the comments below.

If you’re a Game Cube fan, you might also be interested in our previous coverage on the Nintendo Switch:GameCube Controller with Aluminum Case: The Unofficial Nintendo Switch Controller Review

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