How to get a better look at a Bootstrap3-inspired theme in ChromeOS

  • August 7, 2021

The theme of your choice in Chrome OS has long been one of the most requested features for Google’s new operating system.

With Bootstrap, Google has now added a ton of other options, but a new, slightly updated version of the theme has been made available for a very limited time in the Google Play Store.

The theme is called Dash Bootstrap and it comes in two different styles: a minimalist, color-based one that’s light and color-balanced, and a dark, gray-colored one that looks like a classic.

The former is currently in the store for $9.99, while the latter is currently for $10.99.

For those interested in seeing what Dash Bootstraps look like, we’ve compiled a few screenshots to show you what you get with both versions.

It’s a good time to update your browser if you haven’t already, because the Dash Bootstyle theme is now available in the Play Store as well.

We’re not going to be taking a look at the Dash version of this theme right now, because it doesn’t have a color theme option, but you can see a video of the color-themed version here.

We also found that Dash Bootstash is also available as a theme for ChromeOS, which is great, because Google hasn’t been able to make a ChromeOS version of Dash BootStash yet.

If you have a Chromecast, the Dash bootstash theme is also a great option for viewing in the Chrome Web Store.

If the Dash edition of Dash is a bit more of a niche choice, you can get Dash Boot Stash for $4.99 in the Chromecast store.

Both Dash BootSTash and Dash Boot have been updated to support Google Play Services, which includes things like YouTube, Gmail, and more.

There’s a lot to like about Dash Bootsta, but we’re not quite there yet with the Dash Stash version of it.

Hopefully this makes the DashBootStash theme easier to find if you’re looking for something a little more in-line with the theme.

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