How to use a storm power component

  • June 30, 2021

The power plant that supplied electricity to hundreds of homes and businesses in the Midwest was flooded by Hurricane Harvey.

The storm knocked out power to the region, and the National Weather Service predicted that it could take weeks or even months to fully restore power to most of the region.

“It’s going to be a challenging period for the region as it tries to recover,” NWS Director Greg Brumfiel said Monday.

But the storm’s power will be able to keep power flowing to hundreds more homes and small businesses in many parts of the state.

This photo provided by the National Hurricane Center shows the impact of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

It’s estimated that about 6,000 homes and 4,000 businesses in some areas will be without power for several days.

NWS Director Bruml said that there are several key points that can help to prepare the region for the storm.

First, people should not drive during the storm, as it can bring heavy rain, mudslides, and mudslide hazards.

Second, people can conserve energy during the flooding.

If people do not have power, they can conserve their energy using solar panels or electric vehicles, and then use energy-efficient appliances or solar water heaters.

Third, the storm will not bring any significant power outages in the region until after the storm passes.

This means that people who are without power should take steps to protect their homes and business while it is still in the storm system.

“We’ll get more storm power out on the ground, and hopefully the power will go out on time,” Brumhiel said.

“The key to being prepared is to be able and confident that we’ll be able in the event that there’s a significant loss of power.”

He also advised people to plan for the possibility of power outage while it’s still in their neighborhood.

“There’s going not to be much power out there for the next couple of days, but we can use that time to get out of our way and get our stuff together, so we can get back to business,” Brummhiel added.

In addition to providing electricity, the NWS is working with the National Electric Reliability Council to restore power throughout the region once the storm is over.

For more information on the NHC’s disaster preparedness efforts, visit the NRC website.

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