Study: It’s not enough to be fat to be obese, new research says

  • July 4, 2021

In a new study, researchers from the University of Oxford found that being overweight does not have to be an unhealthy lifestyle.

It can be a cause of chronic disease, and lead to a range of chronic conditions including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and obesity.

Professor Andrew Whitehead, one of the authors of the study, said: “Being overweight is linked to more chronic disease and heart disease.”

Being obese is linked with being at a higher risk of heart disease and stroke, and also being at higher risk for obesity-related conditions.

“Whitehead and his colleagues analysed data from more than 11,000 people from the Health and Social Care Survey (HSCS) which is used to monitor trends in health and wellbeing in England and Wales.

The HSCS is an ongoing survey of about 2,000 adults aged 16 and over.

It asks respondents about their weight and how they feel about it.

It found that people who were overweight were more likely to be overweight in general, but it also found that overweight people were more at risk of being obese than people who are lean.

The researchers found that those who were at a high risk of becoming obese were also more likely than others to report a high level of stress.

The main risk factors for being overweight were a low level of physical activity, being in an inactive lifestyle, having low levels of physical fitness and being overweight.

The report found that the most important factors associated with being overweight included having low weight, being physically inactive, having a low physical activity level, being inactive, being overweight, being very overweight, having an inactive physical activity schedule, being low in physical fitness, having overweight body mass index, being obese, being underweight, being an obese person, being overweight, having diabetes, being ill at home, being disabled, having high blood pressure, being smoking and having obesity.

Dr Andrew Whitehouse, from the Department of Medicine at the University’s School of Medicine, said the research showed that being obese is not simply about being overweight or being fat.

He said:”The most important thing is not to be too heavy.

If you can’t manage that, then you can become obese.

“The study also found there were different ways of getting obese, and that the best way to get back to a healthy weight was to lose weight.

Whitehead said:This study shows that weight loss and weight management is really important, because if you don’t, you could have a very serious health problem.”

The authors said they wanted to highlight the importance of dieting to reduce obesity, and to support people to take up exercise.

They said:The HSHC is a good example of how the NHS is looking at the effects of obesity on people and their health.

This research shows that there are different ways that being an overweight person could lead to chronic disease.

We know that obesity is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, stroke-related complications, obesity-linked conditions, and obesity-associated chronic conditions.

In particular, the HSCs survey found that obese people were at higher risks of being overweight and had higher levels of stress than people of normal weight.

They also had higher risk factors, including being obese.

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