Why you shouldn’t confuse the lightning web with the electromagnetic spectrum

  • July 3, 2021

When it comes to electronics, lightning is sometimes referred to as the electrical spectrum, but the actual spectrum is far less complicated than you might think.

It consists of a number of different types of particles and electromagnetic waves, but most of them are not related to electricity.

The spectrum of light is actually made up of many waves, called photons, bouncing off of the Earth’s atmosphere and interacting with matter, mostly to create light.

A few of the more recognizable elements of the electromagnetic world include electrons, neutrons, and protons.

The light that you see is called a photon.

The electron is a tiny particle of matter that can be found all over the electromagnetic universe.

The nucleus of an atom is a little more complicated.

There are protons and neutrons that make up the nucleus of the atom.

A proton is an atom that is made up mostly of hydrogen atoms.

A neutron is a proton made up mainly of helium atoms.

And finally, there’s a gamma ray.

A gamma ray is a neutron of energy at the same time of its decay.

These particles, called gamma rays, have different energies depending on their type of energy.

For example, gamma rays that are created when a neutron collapses are much less energetic than those created when an electron collapses.

But the electrons, protons, and neutron particles all have different masses.

The mass of an electron, for example, is 0.14.

The same is true for an electron’s mass.

For an electron to be an electron and an electron mass is to have a mass of 0.13.

For a prokaryon, it would be a mass around 0.09.

And for a proline, it is around 0

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