Trump: ‘I think we can negotiate with Democrats on health care’

  • September 4, 2021

The White House and President Donald Trump are discussing a possible deal to save insurance coverage for millions of Americans through a new health care law.

The administration has long sought to negotiate with Democratic leaders on health policy and has been publicly open to working with them on the issue, as long as the Republicans would hold onto the filibuster rule.

In the latest news on the health care negotiations, the White House announced Thursday that it is negotiating with House Democrats on the Affordable Care Act and the repeal and replacement of the law.

“President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price and the President will continue to work with Congress on health and human services,” the White on Thursday said.

“We continue to urge our colleagues to maintain their filibuster rules for health care legislation.”

The administration’s negotiating team is also working on the deal to allow insurers to offer plans with no co-pays for people who are uninsured, including people who have preexisting conditions.

Trump, however, is not expected to support the deal.

“The President has repeatedly stated his opposition to this proposal,” a White House official told The Hill on Thursday.

“He believes that it would harm our economy and would be bad for the American people.”

The White on Wednesday announced it was working on a new deal that would allow people to purchase insurance through a marketplace and the ACA’s Medicaid expansion.

The Trump administration has been seeking a bipartisan deal that includes a health care overhaul.

The White also announced on Wednesday that Trump and Vice President Pence will meet with the CEOs of private insurers to discuss how to improve the ACA, according to the White.

The deal will include a requirement that insurance companies provide more information about their customers and to increase penalties for insurers who do not provide adequate coverage.

The insurance companies are expected to demand an additional $100 billion in tax credits, along with more protections for the elderly, in the deal, according the White, who also said the administration would offer the money to states.

“Our goal is to be able to meet the ACA and other needs,” White said.

The health care talks are an important milestone for the administration, and Trump is set to meet with congressional leaders on Wednesday, White said on Thursday morning.

The president also announced a plan to reduce the federal deficit and raise the debt ceiling.

The budget proposal will be released on Thursday, according Trump.

“I want to start with the people and the American taxpayers who need it,” Trump said Thursday.

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