Vaccine component of cancer vaccine may have been altered by adulteration

  • August 23, 2021

An investigation by The Washington Post shows that a vaccine component of the controversial “Cancer Moonshot” vaccine could have been contaminated by adulters, including a small company that had previously used a manufacturer’s version of the vaccine.

The Post report, which is based on documents obtained from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, found that two companies that made components for the vaccine manufactured by Merck and Johnson & Johnson had previously failed to follow the CDC’s safety and manufacturing procedures, which prohibit the use of any component without testing it for potential safety problems.

The companies that used the manufacturers’ version of a vaccine were required to submit a new safety evaluation to Merck or Johnson &amps; Johnson.

The FDA found that the manufacturers had failed to submit the required safety evaluations for the vaccines they were producing.

The report found that in February 2018, Merck’s Vaccine Safety and Tolerability Monitoring System (VSTMS) issued an alert to vaccine manufacturers that a small, independent company, Vectis, had been testing their vaccines for potential contaminants that could have resulted in a false positive result.

Vectis was in a partnership with a manufacturer who had previously sold a vaccine that was not part of the Cancer Moonshot vaccine.

The VSTMS alert states that Vectes “did not obtain the test results and did not use the vaccine” and that the manufacturer “did NOT follow the FDA’s guidance.”

A few days later, Merk’s Vaccines and Related Products division sent an email to the company that made the component to Merk and Johnson stating, “You have received a positive result from our tests.

If you are in a position to test for a potential contaminant, please contact your supplier.”

Vectides testing results were not released to the public until several weeks later.

The Merck vaccine has been approved for use in the United States for people over age 50, and there are indications that its effectiveness is growing.

However, the FDA warned in September that there was an “unhealthy correlation” between the Cancer Moonshot vaccine and other coronavirus vaccines.

According to the FDA, Merks Cancer Moonshade vaccine is currently the only vaccine in the world approved for people older than 50, but the company has received more than 10 million requests for the cancer vaccine, which has not been available for months.

The FDA said in October that the cancer vaccines were likely “designed to protect against specific types of coronaviruses,” but did not specify the type.

In a statement to The Post, Merak said that “no vaccines, including those developed by Merk &amp!

Johnson, Merkels vaccines, or our Cancer Moonshots, are designed for a specific immune response, and any vaccine designed for protection against a specific coronaviral disease would be expected to have adverse health effects for people of all ages.”

The CDC said in a statement that the safety of the vaccines being made at Merck has been and will continue to be a top priority.

“This investigation found that Merck did not follow the required testing requirements for the components they were manufacturing, and that VECTIS was in violation of the CDC guidelines for manufacturing vaccine safety.

We will continue our investigation and look for ways to improve our vaccine manufacturing processes,” the CDC said.

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