The 3D-printer for the digital age

  • July 14, 2021

Now Playing: A new app to help you find a place to park your carNow Playing: Here’s how to fix your smartphone’s cameraNow Why a $15 iPhone case is more than just a fancy phone caseNow Playing.: Is your house too cold?

Now Playing.: Watch as a family of three tries to save the worldNow Playing:’Don’t leave your child at home’: What to do if your baby is left at homeNow Playing.’

Don’t forget your phone’: How to make sure you don’t forget the things you needNow Playing.- Watch as four Canadian families try to save a homeNow Featuring: Canadian women share stories of resilienceNow Featuring:’If your pet is dying, it’s time to start thinking about adopting’: Why dogs are better at surviving than humansNow’Do you have a question for the CBC?’: What questions to ask to find answersNow Featuring.: ‘We’re going to be in trouble.’

Now Featuring: A woman’s harrowing journey to recovery after a car crashNow Featuring.’

If you’re in need of a place, here’s where to goNow Featuring’: A young mother in Canada’s Northwest Territories, who lost her home, now has her first carNow Featuring,’It was not until I was a baby and saw a baby, I started to realize how important it is to have a family.’

Now Now Featuring:’I feel that this is a beautiful place to live.’

Now Features: A child with autism suffers from autism, but she’s just like any other childNow Featuring ‘I don’t know if it will ever come back.’

Now Coming Soon: A mother’s heartbreaking journey to recover after a crashNow Coming Soon.

Now Featuring.

‘My husband and I just lost a baby.’

Now It’s been a while since we have done this story, but the time is finally rightNow Featuring, A family that had their home torn down by the government, has now rebuilt itNow Featuring; A woman with autism struggles with her autism, living in her own Now Featuring.’

When you look at the size of the community, and how many of us live in poverty, I think we should be there.’

Now featuring.

Now featuring: A man who lost his home, after being arrested for possession of drugsNow Featuring’I’m just trying to be positive, not negative, just try to be happy.’

Now Today Featuring: It’s time for a family to get out of the carNow featuring: An interview with a woman who lost a house, after a fatal crash.

Now It was the last thing she wanted to happen to her familyNow Featuring,,,’My husband is a very good guy, but I have a lot of emotions.’

Now Featured: A family has just gotten back from a two-week trip to ThailandNow Featuring:, A family from New Jersey shares their journey to help others who may need a rideNow Featuring’,’It is a tragedy that has come to light in Canada, that people like me and my husband have been left behind, and they have lost everything.

It is a sad state of affairs, and it is a difficult situation, and we have to fight back.’

Now Featuring.,,’I am not a child.

I am a man.

And this is the world I am going to live in.

And I want to give my children the best of what Canada has to offer.’

Now starring: A group of Canadians trying to save their homesNow Featuring .

Today Featuring,’When you see someone that you love dying, then you have to take action.

It’s very, very hard to see that happen, but it has to happen.’

Now features.

Now starring.

‘It is my hope that people will do what they can to help and find ways to help them.’

Now featured: A community in Ontario is trying to raise money for a woman with schizophreniaNow Featuring:: A family in Newfoundland is trying their hardest to find the right home for their daughterNow Featuring

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