Which speaker box will fit your stereo components?

  • August 19, 2021

A new Google+ Hangout has been launched for you to ask about your stereo speakers, and it’s the answer that’s in a lot of people’s minds.

The question you’ll be asked, in the first question, is “What’s the best speaker box for my speakers?”.

The answers are: The XSR-V8, XSR2, XSPC, SR5, and even the new Alesis XSP2, SR4 and the XSR3.

The answers to the other two questions, “Which speaker box does my system sound best with?”, are more nuanced and specific.

For example, the Alesas XSP1 is an all-rounder with its dual 10.1-inch woofers, plus an allrounder tweeter, with good bass, with very good clarity, and with excellent midrange.

The SR5 and SR4 are a bit more expensive and the SR5s are also more expensive.

The XSP3s have a very specific midrange, but its not the best in the business, either.

It also depends on the speaker’s impedance, and the speaker box itself.

The most affordable speakers will fit most speakers, but there’s also a lot more crossover and phase response of different drivers.

The XSP6s are the best-sounding speaker boxes for the price, but if you’re not sure, or want to do a little research, the SR3 and SR5 are a good start.

The SR4 is a great value, but the XSP4s have the best crossover of the bunch, and also a much better midbass and tweeter.

The Alesias SR3 has a bit of a different look to it, but it’s still a good value.

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